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  • 3:00 Gates Open
  • 6:00 Arvel Bird
  • 7:00 Grand Entry
  • Friday Nite Specials
  • 10:00 Gates Open
  • 11:00 Shinnecock Youth Dancers
  • 11:30 Arvel Bird
  • 12:15 Welcoming Address
  • 12:30 Grand Entry/Flag Song/Honor/Veterans
    • Invocation
    • Lord’s Prayer
    • Lord’s Prayer (Andrea Godoy)
    • Tiny Tot Exhibition (Sat)
    • Dance Contests
  • 5:00  Hoop Dance Performance
  • 5:15  Jemez Pueblo Dancers
  • 5:30 Thunderbird Dancers
  • 6:00 Arvel Bird
  • 6:45 Hawaiian Dance Performers
  • 7:00 Grand Entry
  •             Retire Colors
  •  10:00 Gates Open
  • 11:00 Shinnecock Youth Dancers
  • 11:30  Arvel Bird
  • 12:15 Welcoming Address
  • 12:30 Grand Entry/Flag/Honor/Veterans
    • Invocation
    • Lord’s Prayer (Princess CheeChee)
    • Lord’s Prayer (Andrea Godoy)
  **Special Contests**
Chief Red Fox Special
Chief Thunderbird Hand Drum Competition

Over $50,000 in Prize Money 

Powwow Etiquette

  Please stand and remove hats during Grand Entry, Invocation, Veterans Honor Dance, Flag Songs, Memorials, and Closing Songs.
The Master of Ceremonies (MCs) are the program directors. Listen to get instructions and information from them.
•   Please do not enter the dance arena unless invited to do so.
•   A dancer's clothing is a Regalia, not a costume. Do not touch the dancers or their regalia. Not only are the feathers fragile, some of them are eagle feathers and they are sacred.
•  We honor the flags of the United States of America and the Shinnecock Indian Nation. When the flags are raised or lowered please stand and remove your hats.
•  Alcohol and drugs are not permitted on the Powwow Grounds.
•   Respect your neighbors. They came to see the event too. Do not block their viewofthe dance arena.
•  If you have any questions or need assistance, members of the Shinncock Powwow Committee and Powwow Public Safety are on the grounds ready to help you. They wear Shinnecock t-shirts with Powwow Committee and Powwow Security wri tten on the back.
•   Finally, please enjoy yourselves. You've come to the lands of the Shinnecock lndian Nation for enjoyable family time and we have worked very hard to assure that you and your family have a wonderful and meaningful experience.